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waterjet cutter Overpass cutting table
water jet cutter Cantilever cutting table
water jet cutter Super large cutting table
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waterjet hopper Abrasive feeding system
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waterjet cutting 4 or 5 axis waterjet cutter
waterjet cutting waterjet pipe cutter
 CNC plasma cutter CNC plasma cutter
BTECH Flip frame BTECH Flip frame
waterjet cutter ultra high pressure pump
waterjet cleaning machine High pressure waterjet cleaning machine
Waterjet robotic Waterjet robotic
CNC EDM wire cutting machine CNC EDM wire cutting machine
 CNC Plasma pipe cutting machine CNC Plasma pipe cutting machine
More photos of the CNC waterjet cutter More photos of the CNC waterjet cutter
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flip frame

 Features :

     This machine is designed limiting limit elements analyzing and optimization made of entirely steel structure.Using libration effort to eliminate inner stress,the rigidity of machine is guaranteed.
  • Slider adopt torsion shaft synchronization mechanism,high-precision twisting axis centering taper bearings at both ends of torsion shaft,and to install eccentricity adjusting mechanism .
  • The upper die that is equipped with accurate compensating mechanism,to compensate deflection generated by table and slider when mechanical loads,can make the work-piece acquire better precision of bending.
  • The bending angle adjustment by reducer driven by a mechanical block inside the fuel tank,trip counter display value.
  • It has adjustment between workbench and wallboard fixed place,bending angle millisecond adjust conveniently.
  • installed long-distance pressure-regulator vavle on column right side.
  • wallboard inside with manual pumps.
  • backgauge adopt grinding plate design,high regulation accuracy.
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