waterjet machine
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Waterjet Cutting System Model Number: WC5WA12030H


420Mpa (60,000 psi), 3000x12000mm ( 10'x40')

Full abrasive waterjet cutting system consists of high pressure pump, cutting table with hopper, and CNC controller.

The high pressure pump


Pump type

dual plunger reciprocal intensifier

Intensifier driven by

hydraulic pump

Max pressure

55,000psi (380Mpa)

Max water flow rate

0.8Gal/min (3.4L/min).


0.35Gal (1.4 Liters)

Cooling method

forced water. Or oil chiller as an option

Hydraulic fluid tank capacity

42Gal (170L)

Power source

3 phase, 380VAC, 50Hz  (or 220V 60Hz), 37kw

Form size

60" x 36"x 55"(1600 x900 x1400mm), weight 1100kg.

Protective automatic shut off under the following circumstances

Over pressure limit

Over temperature limit

Water filter

2 stage filtration included inside the pump unit


Electrical circuitry enables soft start of the motor that lowers the instantaneous current requirement for electricity power supply.


CNC cutting table

The table consists of water tank, X-Y motion system, Z axis motion, cutting head assembly,and abrasive
reservoir with adjustable abrasive feed control. Overpass style.  Cutting table working area size:
10ft x 40ft (3000x12000mm). Water tank is made of stainless steel.                                


X-Y motion system consists of servo motor and driver, ball screw and precision linear guide. Z-axis motion is driven by AC motor with speed reducer. X-Y position accuracy is 0.06mm, repeatability is 0.03mm. Over all cutting accuracy is at max 0.15mm. This machine can cut all kinds of metal, marble, granite, glass, ceramic tile, rubber, plastic, virtually any materials. This machine can cut metal up to 100mm thick. Under water cutting is available with this model to reduce noise and splash.


Cutting head
Pneumatically operated on/off valve, self-aligned cutting head. Maximum Abrasive flow rate:  0.5kg/min (1lb/min).
Compressed air source is necessary. An air compressor is optional item from manufacturer. As an option, the cutting head can manually tilt in both x and y directions.

CNC controller:

Advanced industrial grade computer. The controller is capable of X-Y axis interpolation movement. Accelerate or decelerate the motion and high speed travel from point to point. Simulation without motion or dry run with axis motion but no jetting of water/abrasive are features included. Error stop and trace repeat are also very useful features. Out of range warning and hard stop to prevent damage of the cutting head. Emergency shut off switch is provided. Remote control is provided to move X-Y-Z axis when operator is away from the controller tower




Controller Tower                                                       Remote Control





DXF file compatible:


The controller is compatible to dxf file format. Users can save design drawing in .dxf from AutoCAD and read the file into the controller. Controller will post the dxf file to G-code.  The controller can also read G-code generated from other CAM software. Controller software interface is based on Microsoft Windows 98/XP/VISTA. Both metric and British unit versions are available.


Advanced CAD/CAM software (optional):  for design drawing, define machine path and lead in/out, nesting, tool offset, and generate G code. Features are similar to AutoCAD, and with rich features of CAM.


Automatic abrasive feeder:


This equipment is highly recommended for large tables
Requires 70psi pneumatic source
Capacity 40 Gallon.
Self detecting empty/full status of reservoir and start/stop feeding.
Model number ADS-04-170.

Accessories included in standard package
Spare parts kit (optional)
High pressure tubing Including 10 nozzle, 20 orifice, 1 HP seal kit, 1 LP seal kit, 1 HP cylinder, 1 check valve body, 1 check valve repair kit, 1 on/off valve repair kit.
Water hose
Electrical cable
1 pcs nozzle, 2 pcs orifice, 1 tube of blue goop.
1 set of special tools for pump maintenance.