waterjet machine
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Model WIP5 specification


The high pressure pump:

Full abrasive waterjet cutting system consists of high pressure pump, cutting table with hopper, and CNC controller.

Pump type

dual plunger reciprocal intensifier

Maximum  pressure

400Mpa (60kpsi)

Pump cooling method

forced water flow, electrical chiller is optional.

Maximum water flow rate

3.5L/minute (0.8Gal/min)

Water Filter

2-stage water filtration included.

Minimum supply water pressure to pump

70psi (5kg/cm2)

Approximate size

60" x 36"x 55"(1600 x900 x1400mm), weight 1100kg

Power source

3 phase, 380VAC, 50Hz  (or 220V 60Hz),220VAC or 60Hz (380VAC, 50Hz)

Pump cooling method

water. Oil chiller is optional

Motor starting current requirement


Protective automatic shut off under the following circumstances

Over pressure limit

Over temperature limit

Cutting head
Pneumatically operated on/off valve, self-aligned cutting head. Maximum Abrasive flow rate:  0.5kg/min (1lb/min).
Compressed air source is necessary. An air compressor is optional item from manufacturer. As an option, the cutting head can manually tilt in both x and y directions.
This equipment is highly recommended for large tables
Requires 70psi pneumatic source
Capacity 40 Gallon.
Self detecting empty/full status of reservoir and start/stop feeding.
Model number ADS-04-170

Mini hopper
Mini hopper is used as a bridge between the automatic abrasive feeder and the cutting head. The mini hopper also includes a valve to control the flow of the abrasive.

Stainless Steel tubing (optional)
The tubing connects the high pressure pump to the cutting head.



System connection diagram